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Should You Get A Restraining Order?

While this question is complex, and there are many circumstances in which a person might want to get a restraining order, this quiz will give you a guideline for determining whether or not you need a restraining order.

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Your partner tells you either in public or private that you never do anything right.

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Does your partner do any of the following:

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Your partner prevents you from making your own decisions.

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Has your partner ever broken your personal belongings?

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Has your partner ever hurt or threatened to hurt a child or pet?

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Has your partner ever pressured you to use drugs or alcohol?

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Has your partner ever pressured or forced you to have sex or perform sexual acts you are not comfortable with?

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Check all that apply. Your partner displays any of the following behavior when you spend time with family or friends:

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Your partner prevents or discourages you from spending time with family, friends, work, or other activities you enjoy.

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Your partner insults, demeans, or shames you in public or private.