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Keeping Hold of What You Care About Most…The Family Home

A common and often urgent question people have when thinking about divorce is what will happen with the family home.  This question weighs on potentially divorcing spouses for many reasons:

1. Emotional Attachment to the Family Home

Families, and especially children, can be very emotionally attached to […]

The complexity of divorce

No matter how it is approached, divorce is likely to be a costly emotional, social, psychological and financial event for anyone who experiences it. This is true whether a person wants the divorce and initiates it, does not want the divorce and has it thrust upon them or […]

How much is too much?

I believe that, in most cases, there is nothing parents would not do to ensure that their children grow up to happy, healthy, well-adjusted human beings. It has been my experience that parents, whether divorcing or not, want guidance on how to make this happen.

The issue […]