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Keeping Hold of What You Care About Most…The Family Home

A common and often urgent question people have when thinking about divorce is what will happen with the family home.  This question weighs on potentially divorcing spouses for many reasons:

1. Emotional Attachment to the Family Home

Families, and especially children, can be very emotionally attached to […]

The complexity of divorce

No matter how it is approached, divorce is likely to be a costly emotional, social, psychological and financial event for anyone who experiences it. This is true whether a person wants the divorce and initiates it, does not want the divorce and has it thrust upon them or […]

How much is too much?

I believe that, in most cases, there is nothing parents would not do to ensure that their children grow up to happy, healthy, well-adjusted human beings. It has been my experience that parents, whether divorcing or not, want guidance on how to make this happen.

The issue […]

Conflict… through the eyes of a child.

Remember when you were a child and you relied on your parents for everything?  They fed you, dressed you, sheltered you and kept you safe when you were very young and continued to do so as you grew though your role in your care likely increased as […]

The Conundrum

It is not unusual for my children to have conflicts when it comes to the activities in which they participate. You can probably relate to this especially at the end of the school year when schools have their big year-end performances or celebrations. Some are bound to […]

Making Big Decisions

Do you ever find that the biggest decisions you make for yourself are the ones that you make the most quickly?  I can think of a few big decisions I almost made on the fly.  The biggest one was buying my house. The market was insane […]

The case for positions & interests…

The Case of the Orange

You’re trying to do your work or make dinner or have a phone conversation and your kids are yelling that they each want the last orange from the fruit bowl.  Being interrupted and feeling frustrated, you grab the orange, cut it […]

Two years or two decades…?

How Long is Long Enough?

Depending on whose research you read, you will find a different time period for how long the negative impacts of divorce last for children.

In her 25-year study on children of divorce, Judith Wallerstein found that there was really no end to […]