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"I believe in the family."

"I want to see families thrive. And as much as I understand that every family has conflict, I also understand that for some families, that conflict can be untenable. When conflict seems to become irreconcilable, it’s so important to know that you have options." This sentiment from Marlene Shiner is core to her approach to working with families.

At Marlene Shiner Family Law & Mediation, we've created a safe, nimble, experienced boutique legal firm as an advisory to families going through conflict. If it's time to talk to a family law professional to explore how to preserve what’s right for you and your family, consider talking to Marlene.

Marlene has been in practice for over 20 years. In that time, she's brought a principle-driven approach to working directly with clients. As an experienced divorce lawyer and mediator, Marlene understands what you're going through. Like you, she always considers how what you're going through will impact your children. You have all the power to determine how the experience of divorce will work for your children, for yourselves — and for your whole family.

You have the power to reach a resolution, finally and Marlene can work with you to help you reach it.

To discuss your unique situation, contact Marlene today: 617.921.6736

A Boutique, Nimble Legal Partner

Because Marlene Shiner Family Law (MSFL) is a nimble legal advisory, MSFL can take on many of the kind of client relationships that some larger firms can't. Whether because these firms do not specialize in this arena or because they are not structured to take on every client, Marlene's extensive expertise in divorce resolution allows those firms to seamlessly align with a savvy, trusted legal partner.

This alignment allows MSFL to naturally complement firms with slightly different core competencies: estate, trust, corporate law, criminal or otherwise. Marlene can also take on cases from other attorneys who trust her to give their clients the individualized attention they need. Marlene can take on all kinds of clients, regardless of net worth, to ensure they get the kind of personal interaction with one lawyer who sees their case through from start to finish.

Because Marlene offers a sliding scale (depending on the income of the clients and their overall financial situation), it can be a win-win to refer cases to Marlene. She truly understands the costs of divorce and works with her clients to resolve the divorce with strict attention to all the details of their clients’ lives including their financial lives.